Our Mission


Charlotte Ophthalmology Society's mission is to promote collegiality, exchange of ideas, and increase knowledge; thereby, enhancing the quality of ophthalmic care in the Charlotte area. 



Who We Are


We are a nonprofit professional medical society dedicated to ophthalmic education in Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding areas.  Our goal is for area ophthalmologists to continue to provide the highest level of care for their patients.   We currently have monthly dinner meetings with an emphasis on new and evolving treatments for various eye diseases. 



Our History


Dr. Herb Greenman, M.D., a longtime Charlottean and founder of the Charlotte Ophthalmology Society, has seen the transformation of Charlotte, N.C .-- from a sleepy town to a major metropolitan city.  For a city of its size, he noted, there was a dearth of collegiality and live educational activities for area ophthalmologists.   On October 6, 2017, with its first inaugural meeting, the Charlotte Ophthalmology Society was born.   





Currently, membership is free and open to all ophthalmologists in Charlotte and surrounding areas.  If you are not already on our list and would like to be a member, please email charlotteophthalmologysociety@gmail.com.  Please include your name, your practice’s name, residency program, and year of graduation.



Sponsor an Event


Our programming is sponsored by display/booth sponsorships and medical education grants. There are various levels of giving.  Please contact us for more information.   


Past Speakers


Dr. Thomas Albini, M.D.

Dr. Brandon Ayres, M.D.

Dr. Sahar Bedrood, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Donald L. Budenz, M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Steve Charles, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S., F.A.S.R.S.

Dr. Eric Donnenfield, M.D.

Dr. Preeya Gupta, M.D.

Dr. Bonnie Henderson, M.D.

Dr. Leon W. Herndon Jr., M.D.

Dr. Warren Hill, M.D.

Dr. Andrew G. Lee, M.D.

Dr. Steven Safran, M.D., P.A.

Dr. Rajiv Shah, M.D

Dr. Arsham Sheybani, M.D.

Dr. Rishi Singh, M.D.

Dr. Sunil Srivastava, M.D.

Lejla Vajzovic, M.D.

George O. Waring IV, M.D.

Dr. Darrell White, M.D.

Dr. Charles C. Wykoff, M.D., Ph.D.

Steven Yeh, M.D., F.A.S.R.S.